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Haverhill MA

Haverhill, MA is the largest town in Essex county with over 35.6 square miles of land. Over the years, Haverhill has developed into one of the more popular places to live in northern Massachusetts with a population of over 63,000, including 25,000 households and 14,000 families. The city is surrounded by peaceful ponds and lakes and includes three golf courses.


The geography of Haverhill makes it a great place for families to have large yards for their children to play in. With that large yard comes the responsibility of doing copious amounts of yard work which can be tiresome and take away from family time. Don’t overindulge in yard work when you can hire a dependable landscaping company like Northeast Landscape Contractors.

Northeast Landscape Contractors in Haverhill, MA

No matter what the landscaping assignment is, Northeast Landscape Contractors is up to the task! With over 30 years of experience with various landscaping services like mowing and weeding, lawn care, trimming and pruning, you can get all your landscaping service needs in one place. We take pride in producing high-quality results for our clients and think of every lawn and landscape we work on as if they were our very own. For more information, check out all our services below:


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