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North Andover, MA

North Andover is a town in Essex County, MA and nears the New Hampshire – Massachusetts border. The town was settled in 1646 but was not officially claimed a town until April 7, 1855. Its name is said to come from the early settlers of Andover, Hampshire, England in their honor. If you have heard of North Andover then you’ve most likely heard of Andover as well, its neighboring town. At one point, the two towns were conjoined but in 1855 they were divided and have stayed that way ever since.


North Andover is home to just over 30,000 residents and offers them an ideal location that is less than an hour away from Boston, even during peak traffic hours, and less than 45 minutes away from Hampton beach. Although the land along the Shawsheen and Merrimack rivers are mainly industrial, the rest of the town is blessed with beautiful rivers, creeks, reservoirs, trees, and green grass.


Northeast Landscape Contractors in North Andover, MA

Many of the townsfolk have taken advantage of the rich nature that surrounds them and established acres of land to build their dream homes. With those dream homes and land comes maintenance and that’s where Northeast Landscape Contractors comes in to help. Maintaining your lawn and plants is never easy, especially as winter begins to transition into spring. With our full array of services including, spring/fall cleanups, lawn care, mowing and weeding, core aeration, trimming and pruning and more, you can get all your landscaping needs solved at once. Our goal is to give customers a one of a kind landscaping experience they will never forget! Check out our services below:


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