Lawn Care


Having a luscious and vibrant green lawn is a prime way to bring your landscaping together and make your overall property look great, and we strive to provide exactly this for customers who hire us for lawn care. We use high quality granular (dry) fertilizer in every round we do. Each application comes with weed control, only as necessary, and individual weeds are hand-sprayed as they appear in your lawn. One of the reasons our customers prefer our services to others is that we do not spray your property with a massive amount of unnecessary chemicals. We use what we need to in order to provide quality service and no more.

Here in New England, our weather comes with such wild swings that your lawn will be constantly subjected to a variety of elements. Having a thick, healthy lawn and a diligent lawn care company to take care of your needs are the best ways to keep your property looking great no matter what.

If your lawn is in need of professional care, don’t wait! Contact Northeast Landscape Contractors, Inc. today to get your lawn looking better than it ever has.

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