Mowing and Weeding


Our lawn mowing and weeding service is an in-depth service aimed at maintaining your lawn to the fullest extent. We not only cut the lawn, we weed-whack around obstacles and use the weed-whacker to work on the fine details of the bed edges. We also take the time when we are done to get rid of the clippings caused by mowing and weed-whacking.

When it comes to pulling weeds, we make every effort to get rid of as much plant material as possible. Weeds will of course naturally grow back but take every possible measure to remove as much of the root as possible to keep your property looking pristine as long as possible. However, when the weeds grow back we’re always able to come back for routine maintenance.

If your property is in need of professional mowing, weeding and bed maintenance then don’t hesitate to contact the landscapers near by… Northeast Landscape Contractors!

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